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YOUR ORGANISATION – Description sheet

The information collected on this form are key for the relationship with LONGITUDE 181

  • thank you for developing the acronyms
  • Interacting with LONGITUDE 181


    The following information will help us knowing more about you, and will show on your page of the Longitude181 guide, once translated into French. This page will provide for the image of the club, together with an assessment of your actions for the preservation of the environment, expressed in a number of planets. By completing this document you agree and commit to display the International Charter for Responsible Diver on your website, in your Dive Center and / or on your boat. You also commit to respect this philosophy while diving. You can download the charters from For Longitude 181 association members (= ambassadors), further supports are available such as posters (self-adhesive or not), or even small plasticized formats for divers.
  • (i.e. what would you like to highlight on the center, dive sites, your specificities, spirit, dive supervision, etc. This paragraph should make the diver be attracted for a dive with your center, and will be translated into French) - 12/15 lines max
  • (please describe 2 or 3 environmental activities (conservation, preservation, impact reduction/ mitigation..) currently carried out by the center and you would like to promote)
  • (what are you working on to strengthen the preservation of the environment in the coming year(s))

    Pictures and logo will display on your page of the Guide. Please note that images should be in JPG or PNG format. The size of the file is limited to 2024KB and you shall have user/copy rights.
  • To illustrate your guide page
  • additional picture to be inserted in your page

  • First name Name
  • Title, Name of the center

Please fill in your self-assessment to complete the information published in the guide of eco-responsible dive centers.

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